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More on tonnage comparisons and Short Sea solutions.

July 26, 2008

Gene Horton

More on tonnage comparisons. I seem to be getting a lot more information on this subject lately. This is probably due to our energy situation. But there are other issues arising at an ever increasing rate. Two additional considerations are safety and pollution. For this month’s news and tips I have reproduced an article from Marine News, one of the trade magazines I subscribe to. This was an article taken from a study by the National Waterways Foundation. The article was also reprinted in Maritime Reporter, another trade magazine I subscribe to. Their website is  I recommend you go to their site because the graphs did not come out well on our site.  It is a very thorough and well written work. For this months News and Tips I have reprinted their exhibits. If you would like the complete article from Marine News including their cover contact information, please contact me by e-mail.   I hope you find this article interesting and useful.Thanks for your support,